“In essence, the bacteria poop a little indestructible condominium in your pipes, built of hard-to-break-down complex carbohydrates. But when the pressure is high enough, these species are let loose into the fine aerosol spray of water droplets pelting our hair and bodies and splashing up and into our noses and mouths.” The Bacteria Lurking in American Showerheads.

+ Nat Geo’s best photos of 2018.

+ Pet owners who force their cats to be vegan could risk breaking the law. (I didn’t see any part of that headline coming…)

+ Every day is Cyber Monday if you use the new Price Wise Firefox tool from my fearless sponsors at Mozilla. I tested it over the weekend and it worked like a charm.

+ And since you’re out shopping, the NextDraft shirts, hats, and stickers are ready to ship.