“It feels like a ratcheting up of calamitous forces already well underway. Yes, the Camp fire is the most destructive in California’s history. But the largest fire in California’s history, the Mendocino Complex fire, was also in 2018. The second-largest fire? It was in 2017. The second most destructive? Also in 2017. And the fires now burn nearly all year round; there is no more ‘fire season.'” Mat Honan: There’s No Looking Away From This Year’s California Fires.

+ California wildfire smoke has now made it all the way to New York City.

+ After nearly two weeks of burning, the rains are finally going to come to Northern California. That’s great news, right? Not exactly.

+ Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on who’s at fault: “I will lay this on the foot of the environmental radicals that have prevented us from managing the forests for years, and you know what, this is on them.” (Rake News!)