Feel Good Friday

How about if we just get the weekend started with 38 photos of people who do nice things for other people?

+ First-of-its-kind surgery allows child with polio-like illness to walk again.

+ “The decline in CFCs in our atmosphere as a result of those measures now mean the ozone layer is expected to have fully recovered sometime in the 2060s.” Ozone layer hole will totally heal within 50 years.

+ Related: The US just elected 9 new scientists to Congress, including an ocean expert, a nurse, and a biochemist.

+ A Boy Has Dished Out More Than 65,000 Doughnuts To Cops To Say Thank You. (Next he’s going to have to hand out 65,000 Fitbits…)

+ Even though it’s still disturbingly high, the US cigarette smoking rate has reached new low.

+ Love Knows No Species: An Emu and a Donkey Have Fallen For Each Other.

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