Buzzfeed with the most 2018 lede of the day: “Dennis Hof, a pimp turned Trump-inspired Republican candidate for the Nevada State Assembly, died last month. On Tuesday, he won his election.” For a very interesting look at this race and what it all means, check out Claire Vaye Watkins’ New Yorker piece: The Ghost of Dennis Hof Haunts the G.O.P. in the Nevada Midterms.

+ Homelessness is one of the biggest issues facing major cities. The conundrum is that money can’t solve the problem but the problem can’t be solved without money. In a move that defied the city’s mayor, San Francisco voters passed a tech tax that will raise $300 million a year to address the challenge. Many mayors around the country will be watching to see if the money can be deployed effectively.

+ Housing Is Unaffordable. Here’s How People Voted To Solve The Crisis.

+ Wired: Weed wins on election day. (It definitely won in my house…)

+ “Despite months of tireless campaigning, student activists watched with frustration as Florida races failed to bring change.” Pain for Parkland students after pro-gun candidates win.

+ “Fossil fuel companies spent record amounts to oppose pro-climate ballot initiatives, and it paid off.” America Voted. The Climate Lost.

+ In Pictures: The 2018 Midterm Elections.