Kin Dumb Come

During the last few weeks before the election, racial and antisemitic dog whistle morphed into screams from the rooftops (and even troops along the border). And the sad lesson is that those tactics still work in America. “By diagnosing America’s problem as tribalism, chin-stroking pundits and their sorrowful semi-Trumpist counterparts in Congress have hidden the actual problem in American politics behind a weird euphemism.” Adam Serwer in The Atlantic: America’s Problem Isn’t Tribalism—It’s Racism.

+ Voter suppression, as it turns out, works pretty well too. Nowhere was that more true than in Georgia. Under Secretary of State Brian Kemp, “Georgia purged more than 1.5 million voters from the rolls, eliminating 10.6 percent of voters from the state’s registered electorate from 2016 to 2018 alone. The state shut down 214 polling places, the bulk of them in minority and poor neighborhoods. From 2013 to 2016 it blocked the registration of nearly 35,000 Georgians, including newly naturalized citizens.” Carol Anderson: If the Georgia governor’s race had taken place in another country, the State Department would have questioned its legitimacy.

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