“More than 100 legal marijuana stores are expected to open on Wednesday, supplied by around 120 licensed growers, the Associated Press reported. Hundreds more stores will likely open in the coming years.” Nine states in the US allow recreational marijuana, but our neighbor to the north is the first wealthy country to take the policy nationwide. Vox has a good roundup of what’s legal, and what’s at stake.

+ “Valued at more than $10 billion, Canopy is worth even more than Bombardier, the Canadian manufacturer that is one of the world’s largest makers of planes and trains, offering a stark example of this nation’s new get-rich-quick hope — the marijuana industry.” Investors have already established themselves as the first Canucks to get high on their own supply. From the NYT: Marijuana Legalization in Canada Has Companies Chasing a Green Rush. Bloomberg has a look at pot by the numbers. (At least when the Canadian pot bubble inevitably bursts, everyone from North Dakota down to about Guatemala should get a pretty decent contact high…)