Weekend Whats

What to Hear: Longtime readers will note that Twenty One Pilots first appeared in this section a couple years ago when the band emerged as the one thing everyone in my family could agree on. They’ve become huge since then, and recently delivered a stellar performance during the American Music Awards. The duo’s new album Trench is dominating the indy charts. Check it out. Listen to their older stuff to. And take the kids to one of the stops on their concert tour.

+ What to Read: “In 1967, a 56-year-old lawyer met a young inmate with a brilliant mind and horrifying stories about life inside. Their complicated alliance—and even more complicated romance—would shed light on a nationwide scandal, disrupt a system of abuse and virtual slavery across the state, and change incarceration in Texas forever.” Ethan Watters in Texas Monthly: The Love Story that Upended the Texas Prison System.

+ How to Read: In addition to being owned by my fearless sponsor Mozilla, Pocket is the best app for reading longform digital content. And it just got an updated set of features including a human-ish voice that will read stories to you. It’s a perfect pairing with NextDraft. Get Pocket.

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