Mel Magazine takes you Inside the Guts of the World’s Strongest Men. “For most spectators, seeing a huge dude like former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall waddle onstage, bend down and deadlift 1,102 pounds is enough. The size of this competitor, shaped like a beer barrel during his competitive days, probably occupies whatever thoughts you aren’t giving to the enormity of the feat he’s about to perform. The last things you’re likely thinking about are the strongman’s knuckle-sized hemorrhoids, his chronic irritable bowel syndrome or the fact that he might be wearing an adult diaper along with anal tampons to prevent the leakage of blood and feces. It’s all, though, the competitors are thinking about.” (That’s basically the stuff me and my friends over fifty talk about, and most of us don’t even work out…)

+ Even if LaCroix does contain insecticide ingredients, that doesn’t mean its bad for you.

+ The Guardian: How self-love got out of control. (I was about to say, “Guilty as charged,” before I realized this was an article about social media.)