My son ran in the door yesterday and asked if I heard the news about being able to crossplay Fortnite on an X-box, a PS4 and a Switch. (Kid news is better than adult news.) That came as good news to my son. But it’s also big news in the videogame industry and a confirmation of just how huge Fortnite has become. IGN: Fortnite Is So Big It Can Bully Sony And Nintendo.

+ In an era when we were sure no headline could still surprise us, there’s this: Seal slaps kayaker in face with octopus.

+ “Like so many inventions, the scooter was a child of necessity: Specifically, the need to get a bratwurst without looking like an idiot.” From CityLab: The Man Behind the Scooter Revolution. (In case you’re looking for someone to blame…)

+ And finally, Bill Cosby got jail advice from O.J. Simpson