Debra Messing, Tiffany Shlain, Vendela Vida and a bunch of other great women will be joining my wife at The What Summit: a place for smart Perennial women to develop real friendships over real talk (and some really great wine). There couldn’t be a better time for a women’s conference for personal and professional development and no one knows how to throw an event like my wife. And any female NextDraft reader who wants to attend gets a $200 discount with the code: ND200.

+ “We know. It’s going to take a few minutes for the enormity of this to set in. But yes, a 37-year-old closing her own car door has managed to completely upend royal Twitter.” Vanity Fair: Why Meghan Markle Caused Such a Stir by Shutting a Car Door.

+ The New Yorker: The Men Who Have Taken Wiffle Ball to a Crazy, Competitive Place. (Who am I to judge? I did the same thing with web browsing…)