“On Monday morning, White House officials said Rosenstein had offered to resign to quell the controversy, while Justice Department officials said he had no intention of resigning but was heading to the White House with the expectation he would be fired.” Confused by that line from WaPo? Well, don’t worry. For now, it’s just another manic Monday in the news cycle that never stops. Will Rod Rosenstein keep his job? And if he doesn’t, then that leads us to the bigger question: What about Bob? The answers to these questions are on hold until Thursday when Trump and Rosenstein will meet at the White House. (Thursday is also the day that Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Coincidence?)

+ Here’s the latest on the quickly changing story. (I don’t know if Rosenstein will quit. But you can be sure there will some news curators who will…)