At the fourteen minute mark of the first episode of this year’s edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks, Cleveland Browns’ Coach Hue Jackson spoke to an auditorium of his players” “Think championship guys, not mediocrity. Think championship. Why not? Why not the Cleveland Browns?” Even a casual NFL observer could answer that question by mentioning this date: December 24, 2016. That was the last time the Browns won a game. Going 634 days without a win is hardly laying the groundwork for a championship season. But on the 635th day, the Browns new quarterback Baker Mayfield came into the game with the team down 14-0, and led the Browns to a come from behind victory that was perfectly captured by this Deadspin headline: Browns … Win? (Full disclosure: They were playing the Jets.) Is a championship in the making? I don’t think anyone is ready to go Full Hue Jackson on that prediction. But for, now who cares? The Browns finally won a game. Every now and then we all have to just chill out and be happy about something. Why not the Cleveland Browns?