“The rise of postcards at the turn of the century enabled Pennsylvanian Harry Whittier Frees to build a career out of photographing cute animals donning hats and britches.” The Cat Meme Photographer from a Century Ago.

+ “On this undulating strip of land, man and wife — neither from farming backgrounds — made a life as orchardists. It was here they unearthed what became, for him at least, an obsession: reinventing the apple, in miniature. The little apples, as he calls them, the term of endearment embedded … To observe him here is to be struck by the sense of a tiny god in his own beappled Garden of Eden, tending to creation. It’s exactly the kind of grandiose impression he doesn’t want conveyed. He rejects anything that starts to sound like a romanticised account of his life’s work. But it’s undeniable.” In a world gripped by ‘go big or get out’, he had a bold idea. Go small.

+ Adjusting to America: What happened to the migrant girl whose cries shook the country.

+ Georgetown students help free prisoner wrongfully convicted of murder.

+ Iowa man has handed out Hershey chocolate bars every week for 10 years.

+ The New York Public Library is loaning out ties and handbags for job interviews.

+ Meet Feng E, an 11-Year-Old Taiwanese Ukelele Prodigy.