“According to a new report from Divorce Online, a UK site offering information and services to people who are uncoupling, 200 divorce petitions filed in the UK since the start of this year cited Fortnite as a reason for the separation.” Quartz: Fortnite helped cause 5% of UK divorces this year. (For me, the key was to only play Fortnite during the many hours my wife was playing Zelda. Love conquers all…)

+ Vontae Davis retired from the NFL during halftime of a game. (In fairness, it was a Bills game…)

+ A British Cave Rescuer Is Officially Suing Elon Musk For Calling Him A Pedophile. (There are thousands of people who will read this headline and think, “I hope this doesn’t delay my Model 3.”)

+ Over the weekend, we were cleaning out our garage when my wife grabbed our daughter’s art work from school and said, “Let’s throw this away before she comes downstairs and notices.” Five minutes later, my daughter saw us cleaning the garage and said, “Don’t throw away any of my art.” We felt guilt for a second. But only a second. Thankfully, The Atlantic validated our move: Throw Your Children’s Art Away.