Florence Night ‘N Gales

Florence has diminished a bit in power, but it has already left a trail of flooding and destruction. Some parts of North Carolina could get more than 50 inches of rainfall. Here’s the latest from CNN and the Guardian.

+ How the Waffle House is used to determine a hurricane’s fury. And the one positive to come out of the hurricane: This terrifying graphic from The Weather Channel.

+ The Philippines is bracing for Super Typhoon Mangkhut.

+ Floods in India have displaced more people in the world than any other disaster in 2018.

+ “More intense wind, more rain, parked for longer over coastal cities unprepared for 100-year-storms that now come once every five years instead.” That’s our global forecast. And it’s playing out across the world right now. Wired: An Equator Full Of Hurricanes Shows A Preview Of End Times.

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