Grave Stones

“Even as the European Union tightens its rules to prevent migrants from reaching its borders, thousands keep boarding rickety boats in search of a better life. And many still drown in the Mediterranean Sea, their bloated bodies ending up on the shores of North Africa with no family members to claim them. Marzoug gives the migrants in death what they failed to receive in life: a recognition of their worth.” In the midst of an international crisis, WaPo finds some beauty: A Tunisian gravedigger gives migrants what they were deprived of in life: Dignity.

+ “This year, with a record high 68.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the United States is on track to take in about 22,000 refugees, a quarter the number admitted in 2016, the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, and the fewest in four decades.” Reuters: Slamming the door – How Trump transformed U.S. refugee program.

+ Deaf and disabled immigrant faces deportation after 34 years in the United States. (Feel safer?)

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