Serve and Folly

People are still talking about the women’s final at the US Open. And people are still writing think-pieces. Let’s look at the issue through the lenses of two legends of the sport. First, Billie Jean King in WaPo: “The ceiling that women of color face on their path to leadership never felt more impenetrable than it did at the women’s U.S. Open final on Saturday. And Martina Navratilova: What Serena Got Wrong. “Ms. Williams was absolutely marvelous toward Ms. Osaka after the match. A true champion at her best. But during the match — well, enough said.” (Martina always did have a nice backhand…)

+ Let’s not lose sight of the story that took place on the other side of the net. Over the course of two matches, Naomi Osaka saved 22 consecutive break points. In a sport that depends so much on one’s psychological strength, Osaka was a total rock. As Serena battled the umpire and chaos and boos filled the Arthur Ashe stadium, Osaka just kept ripping. Beneath the cultural story that blew the internet wide open, there was a sports story that should blow your mind.

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