Weekend Whats

What to Book: By now, we all know the impact of covering politics like it was a sport. But what if we covered sports like politics? Spoiler alert: It’s awesome (for all of us who are not featured in the book). The excellent and hilarious Mark Leibovich turns his attention to the NFL. Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times.

+ What to Binge: In Magic for Humans on Netflix, Justin Willman blends magic and humor as he takes his tricks to the streets. This is really awesome family entertainment (says the guy who led today’s newsletter with a piece on adult movie awards…)

+ What to Conference: My wife Gina Pell and her team at The What are hosting what promises to be a great one-day Women’s Summit in San Francisco, featuring Debra Messing and an impressive lineup of other game-changing women discussing leadership, purpose, women’s health, and more. There are a few tickets left.

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