A Fluff(er) Piece

“Yeezy himself performed at the awards, along with Teyana Taylor, Young M.A, Blackbear, and Dana Dentata. West also premiered a music video which he co-directed (and executive-produced by Spike Jonze) for a new song featuring Lil Pump called I Love It. All this whilst honorees accepted monsterish dildo trophies, designed by West himself, on a set surrounded by giant video screens … It looked like an episode of Black Mirror but, like, with porn.” On Thursday night, Kanye West Took Over the Pornhub Awards. That might not seem like top news (or bottom, depending on what you’re into), but it’s pretty interesting to see mainstream celebrities cross the chasm into an entertainment form that sucks up a lot of bandwidth, but is rarely discussed. And besides, these days, a story on dirty movies actually provides a refreshing break from the obscene business of politics.

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