Hungary Like a Wolf

“There is no precedent for a European Union member state expelling an entire university. But Central European University — founded and funded by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s favorite boogeyman, liberal Hungarian American investor George Soros — has become the prime target of Orban’s campaign to dismantle Europe’s multicultural, tolerant liberalism and cement a culture that is unapologetically Christian, conservative and nationalist.” From WaPo: Amid illiberal revolution in Hungary, a university with U.S. roots fights to stay. This sounds a lot like the early days of pre-WWII fascism. And sadly, some of the debate points will sound a little too familiar to today’s Americans.

+ The Atlantic: Violent anti-immigration protests in the city of Chemnitz were dwarfed in size by a counter-protest. But they still speak to a dark and growing trend in German politic.

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