You Cannot Be Serious

“To work as a courtsider is to have possibly the most exotic, adrenaline-pumping data-entry job imaginable. Put simply: Courtsiding is the practice of independently transmitting information from a tennis match for a purpose related to gambling.” Ben Rothenberg: Losers’ Lunch. Dining out with courtsiders, a rogue, impish species in the tennis ecosystem.

+ “Most humans have a dominant arm and hand. Most tennis players are taught to serve with that arm and hand, and thus, when serving, toss the ball with their non-dominant arm and hand. Consequently, and crucially, every point in tennis begins with a player depending on an arm and hand that she otherwise does nothing crucial with.” Among other things, Serena Williams has the most beautiful toss in tennis. And that toss is a key to her winning as much as she does.

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