Amazon is King of the Jungle

“It’s an historic accomplishment for Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, who founded the company in his Seattle garage in 1994 as a small online book seller. Now Bezos is the world’s wealthiest person, running a diversified global enterprise with more than $200 billion in annual sales and more than 575,000 employees.” Amazon joins Apple in the one trillion dollar valuation club.

+ “Target’s shoppers can order sunscreen or a Tokidoki Unicorno T-shirt on their phone, pull up to the parking lot and have the items brought to their car. Nordstrom lets customers in some stores make returns by dropping their items into a box and walking out — no human interaction required. Walmart is employing 25,000 ‘personal shoppers’ to select and package groceries for curbside pickup.” NYT: Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe New Life Into Retail Stores.

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