Search and Destroy

“Trump’s claim appears to have originated from a single blog post on a conservative news site, which snowballed its way to Fox Business and into the White House.” Today in unfounded craziness, Trump threatened to regulate ‘rigged’ Google search results. (In other words, Trump’s TV told him that his computer was rigged.) But these are only silly twitter rants and we should ignore them. Oh wait, according to WaPo, “The Trump administration is ‘taking a look’ at whether Google and its search engine should be regulated by the government.”

+ The strategy of attacking reality is spreading. From The New Yorker: ‘Fake News’ and Unrest in Nicaragua. And from The Guardian: Venezuelan official suggests migrant crisis is staged to undermine government. (The Putinization of reality is gaining momentum.)

+ WaPo: President non grata: Trump often unwelcome and unwilling to perform basic rituals of the office. The latest example, of course, was John McCain’s request that Trump not attend his funeral (where Obama and W will give eulogies). Here’s my take on the reaction to McCain’s death from yesterday’s edition.

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