Stock Split

“As the stock market surged, prices for homes — the most important source and store of wealth for the American middle class — recovered much more slowly from the Great Recession and housing bust. Incomes, too, have barely budged, despite steady economic growth in recent years.” NYT: Bull Market Hits a Milestone: 3,453 Days. Most Americans Aren’t at the Party.

+ Quartz: The bull market has a bear of a origin story.

+ “In the years after the crash, you could feel the fabric of the country fraying. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street rose up as opposite expressions of antiestablishment rage, nourished by the sense that colluding élites in government and business had got away with a crime. The game was rigged—that became the consensus of the alienated.” It’s ten years after the crash. But for millions of Americans, it was like yesterday. The New Yorker’s George Packer: The financial crisis of 2008 was years in the making and has had a lasting impact on American political life.

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