Dog Days of Summarizing

Trump denies using derogatory language about black people by calling a black woman a dog. From The Atlantic: Trump’s Attacks on Omarosa Are Getting Even More Vicious.

+ There are more tapes. This story will dominate the news cycle. But, as Christina Cauterucci explains in Slate: There Is Nothing Omarosa Can Say or Do That Could Possibly Matter. (If the birtherism campaign strategy, the Mexican rapists comment, the good people on both sides argument, the attacks on NFL players, the LeBron James critique, the efforts to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans, the Central Park jogger case, the wall, the Muslim ban, the disparaging of a Mexican judge, the suggestion that all Haitian immigrants have AIDs, the “shithole countries” description, the response to Hurricane Maria, the backing of Joe Arpaio and Roy Moore, and the constant dog whistles to the alt-right haven’t swayed you, spelling out an offensive word sure isn’t gonna make the difference…)

+ Meanwhile, Paul Manafort’s defense just rested after calling no witnesses.

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