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“About 10 years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts execs began talking seriously about ditching the foam cups most stores were still using for most medium, large and extra-large hot drinks in favor of something more sustainable.” And now, they’re ready to roll out the new cups. Entrepreneur: Why It Took Dunkin’ Donuts 10 Years to Build the Perfect New Cup.

+ I Say LOL, You Say Ek 1: How People Around The World Laugh Online.

+ An in the park homerun is a pretty rare and exciting event in the MLB. More rare is when the homerun comes off a bunt. (Don’t normalize this.)

+ It’s Time to Admit That Iceberg Is a Superior Lettuce.

+ “If it seems when you scroll through your feed that everything looks similar, that’s probably because it is. That artfully constructed shot of your latté and avocado toast brunch? The shot of your feet dangling over the edge of a waterfall? You in the back of a canoe? It’s been done before. To death.” Let’s cut to the chase: You Are Not Original Or Creative On Instagram.

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