I bought Apple stock more than a decade ago, so I feel pretty good about them reaching the trillion dollar valuation. But I feel even better about CEO Tim Cook appearing at the Love Loud Festival in Utah (organized by Imagine Dragon’s Dan Reynolds) and making these remarks: “I stand before you tonight as an uncle, a sports nut, a CEO, a lover of the beautiful Utah outdoors, and a proud, gay American. I come to deliver a simple message that I want every LGBT person to here and to believe. You are a gift to the world … A unique and special gift, just the way you are … Find your truth, speak your truth, live your truth … Let me tell you, Normal just might be the worst word ever created. We are not all supposed to be the same, feel the same, or think the same. And there is nothing wrong with you.”

+ “I believe that we can learn a great deal about ourselves and about life when we open up to the world around us.” An immigrant postman’s final salute to his route, NYC, and America.

+ Survivors recount chaos, miraculous evacuation after Aeroméxico plane crashes, burns after takeoff. (Shorter version: Plane crashes, no one dies.)

+ Over the weekend, a kid competing at the Far West International Championship in California won the 100-meter butterfly in 1:09:38. Why is that a big deal? It broke Michael Phelps’ record from 1995. The new record holder’s name? Clark Kent.

+ Good Samaritan Divers Help An Entangled Whale Shark.

+ Women Founded Start-Ups Receive Less Funding But Produce Double The Revenue.

+ WaPo: A 5-year-old gets new arm at the Home Depot.

+ And one for my parents, because they still friggin love the show: 11 Facts About Wheel Of Fortune You Don’t Need To Buy A Vowel For.