Fuel’s Gold

From Bloomberg: “The Trump administration, taking aim at one of former President Barack Obama’s signature environmental achievements, is proposing to suspend required increases in vehicle fuel economy after 2020 and unwind California’s authority to limit tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions in the state.”

+ You’d think undoing another Obama achievement, pissing off California, and accelerating the pace at which the Earth turns into little more than a rotating fireball would be enough. But, no. According to the NYT, proponents have come up with an amazing reason for the change: It will make us safer! “First, people who buy fuel-efficient vehicles will end up driving more, increasing the odds that they will get into a crash. Second, the fuel-efficient vehicles will themselves be more expensive, slowing the rate at which people buy newer vehicles with advanced safety features. Third, automakers will have to make their cars lighter in response to rising standards, slightly hurting safety.” (You’ve got to huff a lot of supreme to believe that argument…)

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