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“There is something deeply incongruous at the heart of the supposed ‘techlash’: It is not really making a huge dent in the tech giants’ financial performance. Over the last two weeks, each of the five reported earnings that were brimming with mostly fantastic news for its investors. Amazon, which has long conditioned shareholders to expect a lot of growth but not much earnings, reported a record profit. Microsoft and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, both handily beat Wall Street’s projections. On Tuesday, so did Apple; if its price jumps as a result, it could become the first company to reach a market valuation of more than $1 trillion.” Farhad Manjoo in the NYT: Big Tech Is as Strong as Ever. “Even after its stock crash, Facebook remains the fifth most valuable corporation in the American markets.”

+ Apple approaches a trillion dollar marketcap after another stellar quarter. (When the world-ending apocalypse comes, the only survivors will be cockroaches and positive Apple quarterly reports.)

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