Smoke Signals

“It’s burning differently. It’s burning more aggressive than it has in years past. And I know we say that every year, but it’s unprecedented.” Vice: Thousands of firefighters are battling unprecedented fatal wildfires in California.

+ In effect, a ‘firenado’ like the one that erupted near Redding is a hot, deadly manifestation of chaos theory. It is Mother Nature saying to scientists, ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.'” Rolling Stone: California Is Burning Before Our Eyes.

+ Photos of wildfires ripping through California towns.

+ Buzzfeed: 40 Employees At This California Hospital Lost Their Homes In The Carr Fire. They Showed Up To Work Anyway.

+ “This is not a future scenario. It is happening now.” The NYT talked to people who found themselves on the front lines of climate change this year. Here are their stories.

+ Bloomberg: “The U.S. Supreme Court refused to halt a novel and sweeping lawsuit pressed by children and teenagers seeking to force the federal government to take steps against climate change.”

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