Freeze or I’ll Print

“On Monday, attorneys general from 20 states announced that they’re suing the US State Department and Defense Distributed, in an effort to force them to rescind their settlement. The AGs are asking for an immediate restraining order to prevent the gun group from publishing its digital firearm files.” Wired: The last-ditch legal fight to stop 3-D printed guns.

+ Relax, guys. President Trump tweeted that he’s already spoken to the NRA, and that he’s “looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public.” (Of course, it’s not the guns that are sold to the public. It’s the designs. You can print them at home. Hence, the concern.)

+ A soldier-turned-war-reporter asks why child’s play is starting to look more like combat: This Is My Nerf Blaster, This Is My Gun.

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