Facebook Still Popular (Among Witches)

“American intelligence and law enforcement officials have been warning for months that Russia’s efforts to undermine American democracy remain active and pose a threat to this year’s elections.” And they aren’t kidding. Facebook Has Identified a New Ongoing Political Influence Campaign.

+ “Intelligence and security has become an arms race, a new kind of cold war made from memes instead of warheads. And yet, the U.S. government hasn’t established a sufficient approach to the threat … Facebook is now one of the most important agents in that struggle, all around the globe. Like it or not, if you’re a human who lives and votes in a nation on Earth, you’ll have to trust the company to play its part.” Ian Bogost: The government, and the world, is too reliant on this company to protect democracy.

+ What kind of leadership are we getting when it comes to fighting this scourge? This headline says it all: Trump Says “Collusion Is Not A Crime.”

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