Feel Good Friday

Iswari Natarajan is good at teaching calculus. Her class at all-girls St. Mary’s Academy scored the highest possible score on the AP Calculus exam. Like, the whole class. Every person. Oh, and this is the fourth consecutive year that has been the case for students in Natarajan’s class. (I’d make a killer AP Calc joke here, but I’m a Humanties major.)

+ Mr. Rogers was my actual neighbor. He was everything he was on TV and more.

+ “A little over 14 months after suffering a life-threatening injury when he was struck in the head by a batted ball, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Daniel Poncedeleon made his major league debut.” He pitched 7 no hit innings.

+ Baltimore’s homeless veterans get their own free barber shop. That’s good, but we shouldn’t allow our vets to be homeless…

+ A Florida police officer was caught on video … helping a homeless man shave so he could get a job.

+ We’re living through an amazing documentary boom.

+ Boys Freed From Thai Cave Enter Monkhood to Honor Fallen Rescuer.

+ I love these photos of waves. They make great desktop patterns too.

+ Eighty-year-old Julia Albu drove through Africa, breezing her way through notorious borders and military blockades by saying she was going to London to have tea with the Queen. (In addition to everything else, I bet she was actually a coffee drinker…)

+ Fan hit by metal debris from Wrigley scoreboard — but at least he was wearing a bucket on his head. (Let that be a lesson to you.)

+ Haven’t had enough? Here’s a look at a mass gathering of golden retrievers.

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