When It’s Too Risky to Tell

“He grabbed my breasts … He put his hands in my pants and he touched my private parts. He touched me again inside the van, and my hands were tied. And he started masturbating.” The NYT on stories of sexual assault inside ICE detention. (You’re never in more danger than when people think you can’t tell anyone what happened. It’s a story migrants are all-too familiar with. For a closer look at this issue, check out the book: The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail by Oscar Martinez.)

+ Buzzfeed: This Immigrant Returned To Her Dangerous Home Country — Where She’d Been Raped — After Having A Miscarriage In A US Detention Center.

+ Border Patrol accused of giving children rotten food and undrinkable water.

+ CNN: 1,606 parents possibly eligible for reunification with kids.

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