Dr Who (What, When, and How)

When your doctor slips on a rubber glove, it can signal that your checkup is about to get uncomfortably invasive. But when your health insurer wants to assess you, there’s a good chance you won’t even see (or feel) it happen. ProPublica and NPR explain how health insurers and data brokers are teaming up to predict your health risks. “Are you a woman who recently changed your name? You could be newly married and have a pricey pregnancy pending. Or maybe you’re stressed and anxious from a recent divorce. That, too, the computer models predict, may run up your medical bills. Are you a woman who’s purchased plus-size clothing? You’re considered at risk of depression. Mental health care can be expensive. Low-income and a minority? That means, the data brokers say, you are more likely to live in a dilapidated and dangerous neighborhood, increasing your health risks.”

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