Murdoch, He Wrote

“There is something deeply unsatisfactory about the Rupert Murdoch story – the lack of consequences, the triumph of cynicism – and it trips those who tell it into making the same mistakes over and over again. He has attracted a coterie of chroniclers, many of very high quality, who are tempted to contrive comeuppances for him. “You have to write something at the end,” one biographer told me, so they suggest that his journalists might stand up to their boss (this has happened a couple of times, but not for decades), that he might be spayed by regulators (never happened), that he might be overcome by second thoughts. All wishful thinking. ‘If I was going to be shot tomorrow morning, I bet I could get out of it,’ Murdoch said once, and he does.” Let’s face it, Trump and Putin aren’t the only ones running the world. Here’s Richard Cooke with a very interesting look at The Endless Reign of Rupert Murdoch.

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