Weekend Whats

What to Watch: You’ve probably read or heard something about Hannah Gadsby’s one woman comedy show called Nanette. The rave reviews are all accurate and the content is excellent and important. But I’ll focus on a slightly different angle. Every weekday you see me here trying to mix a little comedy and a little of myself with a daily overview of what I think is important or worthwhile in the news. I suppose that’s my genre. And no one has done that genre any better than Hannah Gadsby. It’s true that this special provides an important voice about gender, sexuality, perceptions and humanity in general. But it’s also a virtuosic performance that seamlessly blends light comedy with hard hitting commentary. Hannah, if you’re reading this, hat tip. The rest of you, go watch Nanette.

+ What to Doc: This week I’ve been vacationing with my 12 year-old son and two of his buddies. All of them are fans of Imagine Dragons, so I convinced them to put down the Fortnite and watch Dan Reynold’s HBO documentary in which the lead singer takes on a new mission to explore how the Mormon Church treats its LGBTQ members. I’m really gla(a)d I did. It’s a moving, intriguing and boldly honest documentary. Check out Believer on HBO. (Yes, the world is NATO fiascos, border cruelty, and partisan rage. But the world is also Hannah Gadsby and Dan Reynolds. So have a good weekend.)

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