Feel Good Friday

The Atlantic asks: What If the Teen City Council Is Better Than the Grownup One? (Hint: They are.)

+ “James was walking past me, so I asked him for spare change. He stopped and seemed like a genuine, nice guy. We chatted for a while and then he said he had a company and could offer me a job – I couldn’t believe it.”

+ Winnipeg police officer gets a lift from a citizen, nabs their suspect. (By the time you’ve read this, someone in the Bay Area will have launched Uber for police chases.)

+ Abandoned as baby in a cardboard box, man meets biological father after 31 years. He was living 20 minutes away. (The only way this story could be any better would if the cardboard box got recycled…)

+ Unlike most millennials, Norway’s are rich. (I also heard some of the males don’t have beards!)

+ Laundry Is Reducing America’s Carbon Footprint. (Folding, however, still sucks.)

+ Buzzfeed: 25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From.

+ If all that didn’t make you feel good, there’s this: You can make ice cream in a plastic bag.

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