Kicking and Dreaming

“Many of the European squads, as we know, draw heavily from immigrant communities — a testament not just to the multiculturalism of the societies they represent but also the courage and determination of migrants in Europe, achieving success in the face of adversity and pervasive discrimination.” Ishaan Tharoor in WaPo: The World Cup is a victory for the immigrant dream.

+ “Luka Modric, the Tolkien-esque wizard at the core of the Croatian midfield, was himself a refugee. Serbian militia burned down his family’s home, and murdered his grandfather and six of his relatives. His family was consigned to live in a hotel, where he played soccer in the parking lot.” Franklin Foer: The Greatest World Cup Fairy Tale of All Time.

+ Quartz: A World Cup photographer was tackled by the joyful Croatian team. He kept shooting. (At least until one of the players kissed him.)

+ Soccer governing body FIFA wants to crack down on images of attractive female fans in a bid to fight sexism.

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