The Brett Offensive

It’s on. Kavanaugh vs the Kavanaughts. As The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson writes: “After Kavanaugh walked into the East Room … the judge gave what sounded like the opening statement in a confirmation hearing.” And that makes sense given the fact that the battle over Kavanaugh’s confirmation started before he was even selected. And now, following the nomination, things are about to heat up. “Even before President Trump’s announcement that Brett M. Kavanaugh will be his Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the battle plans were in place and the arguments had been framed. What happens next is a no-holds-barred fight for public opinion and Senate votes, which history suggests the president is heavily favored to win.”

+ Buzzfeed: Here’s Where Brett Kavanaugh Stands On Abortion, Executive Power, And Guns.

+ Vox: Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, explained.

+ WaPo: Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, has sided with broad views of presidential powers.

+ The Kavanaugh fight will be over many big issues that could be reshaped for decades to come. No debate will be more heated than nominee’s views on Roe v Wade. From Vox: In many states, the end of Roe v Wade is already here. And from FiveThirtyEight: The Abortion Debate Isn’t As Partisan As Politicians Make It Seem. (Although it’s pretty damn partisan…)

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