Weekend Whats

What to Rock: The Record Company is out with a new album (and more importantly, a new tour). Here’s the band playing its latest single on Jimmy Kimmel. Check out the new album on your music service of choice. But remember, listening to studio albums by this band should be considered a warm-up for their live shows. Rock solid live band.

+ What to Doc: With the World Cup in Russia, the Tour de France set to begin, and Putin being given free reign by the free world, this is the perfect time to watch the Netflix documentary Icarus. An American cyclist/filmmaker set out to make a movie about the effects of doping, using himself as a guinea pig. He ended up finding much more.

+ What to Read: Here’s a hat trick of longreads for your weekend. First, from the NYT Mag: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Scientist? “Wherever the predators have arrived, blistering conflicts have followed. Shouting matches at public meetings. Threats to government officials. Dead livestock. Dead wolves.” Second, Bethany Barnes in The Oregonian: Targeted: A Family and the Quest to Stop the Next School Shooter. What’s it like to be a kid who school authorities think might be the next school shooter? And third, The Legend of John Arthur, the Toughest Man in America. “The bare-knuckle fighting never bothered me. But the first time I shot a guy—that still haunts me.” (Same.)

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