Screen Savers

I’ve got some interesting news for parents like me who are worried about their kids spending too much time in front of screens this summer. For the good of your family, your community, and society at large, you should let your kids spend more time watching TV and playing videogames. We debate a lot about how screen time affects what we do. But The New Yorker’s Alan Burdick reports on a series of studies that ask a different question: How does what we view affect what we don’t do? It turns out that one thing we don’t do while watching TV is commit crimes. And we don’t simply move those crimes to a more convenient time slot. We cancel them altogether. This is How to Fight Crime with Your Television.

+ Full disclosure: While you’re fighting crime by watching TV, your TV is watching you. And it’s collecting more information than you might think. The NYT’s Sapna Maheshwari on How Smart TVs in Millions of Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight.

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