European Union Jacked

“What will happen is what I predicted at the very beginning: There will be a civil war, there’s nothing we can do about it. This is the path of civil war. I’d like to avoid it.” So said Lech Walesa as Poland’s government is attempting to purge the country’s Supreme Court. “The new rules lower the mandatory retirement age for judges to 65 from 70, which could force out up to 27 of the 72 Supreme Court justices, and also call for a disciplinary chamber to be established, raising fears that the governing Law and Justice Party will use the new directive to intimidate judges.” (The European political winds that have been blowing in the wrong direction just got a little bit stronger.) NYT: Poland’s Supreme Court in Disarray After Judges Defy Purge.

+ “The proposed policies would subject individuals—mostly immigrants or children of immigrants —to rules that are at turns punitive or paternalistic, based primarily on where they live.” Why Denmark Is Doubling Down on Its Ghetto List.

+ NYT: Germany’s Europe-Shaking Political Crisis Over Migrants, Explained.

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