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“The social curiosity that drives us to speculate about other people’s love lives is pervasive, and common. But in the last few decades, it has combined with the access and connectivity the internet allows, as well as our fraught relationship to celebrity — how close these stars seem to us, and yet how vastly far away — and spurred ever more elaborate imaginings.” Buzzfeed: A Journey Into The Dark Heart Of Celebrity Relationship Conspiracy Theories. (I, of course, have no interest in small matters like the romances between celebrities. That said, I really am worried that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are moving too fast…)

+ There’s a law against setting off fireworks in LA. Well, from the looks of things, it might be more of a guideline than a law. Or maybe even just a gentle suggestion.

+ Franklin Foer on Neymar: The Annoying Genius Who Makes the World Cup Worth Watching.

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