Cloud Atlas

“While Silicon Valley started ride-share apps and social-media networks without profoundly considering the consequences, Berners-Lee has spent the past three decades thinking about little else. From the beginning, in fact, Berners-Lee understood how the epic power of the Web would radically transform governments, businesses, societies. He also envisioned that his invention could, in the wrong hands, become a destroyer of worlds, as Robert Oppenheimer once infamously observed of his own creation.” Tim Berners-Lee always feared that his innovation that became the world wide web had the potential to be a net negative. So how has he been feeling over the past few years as “the mushroom cloud was unfolding before his very eyes?” According to Berners-Lee: “I was devastated.” In addition to reflecting on his disappointments, the man who brought us the web is working on a plan to get it back on the right track. But is it too late? Vanity Fair: Tim Berners-Lee, The Man Who Created The World Wide Web, Has Some Regrets.

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