Bottom of the News

“Even after they were booted out of the World Cup, the Japanese national football team gave us a lesson in grace. Following their heartbreaking loss to Belgium on Monday, the players left behind a note that said ‘спасибо’ (Russian for ‘thank you’) in their locker room. Oh, and they cleaned it up.”

+ Roger Federer’s career on-court earnings are $116 million. He just signed a deal to wear Uniqlo that is is worth $300 million. (Those must be some really uncomfortable clothes!)

+ The stakes of the great scooter wars couldn’t be any higher. Wait … this just in. They’ve been raised.

+ “Has a life of ambition and striving gotten the best of you? Do you sometimes wish you could give up a little—stop chasing so many pointless goals you probably won’t hit anyway? It’s time you got washed … There you are in the train station of life, waving goodbye to your edge and your youth as they depart. You are Eli Manning, and you are no longer a plausible NFL starter in the eyes of some, but you are not yet ready to go to the bench. You haven’t been to that particular new restaurant yet, but you’ve heard it’s nice.” Zach Baron in GQ: In Praise of Being Washed. (At this point, I’m so washed I’m damn near sterilized…)

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