ACLU And the Horse You Rode In On

“In another blow to the Trump administration’s policies on immigration, a federal court on Monday blocked the systematic detention of migrants who have shown credible evidence that they were fleeing persecution in their home countries.” One of the plaintiffs in the asylum case was the ACLU. That shouldn’t surprise you. In many ways, the last year and a half has been one long court case between the ACLU and the Trump administration. The ACLU “has long been seen by those who are vaguely aware of its work as a collective of well-intentioned defenders of the Constitution, running their cases year after year and sending out newsletters to a membership made up largely of aging former hippies.” That perception changed in November of 2016. “In the 15 months that followed the election, the ACLU’s membership went from 400,000 to 1.84 million. Online donations in the years before averaged between $3 and $5 million annually. Since then, it has raised just shy of $120 million.” The NYT Mag: Can the ACLU Become the NRA for the Left?

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