Poseidon Adventure

“A strange creature stalks Los Angeles, hunting for content. He is pale and tall, as skinny as a folded-up tripod. His right hand holds a camera on a stick, which he waves like an explorer illuminating a cave painting. His left hand clutches a smartphone close to his face. Entering a restaurant, he wraps his left wrist around the door handle, so that he can pull the door open while still looking at the phone.” The New Yorker’s Adrian Chen: Ice Poseidon’s Lucrative, Stressful Life as a Live Streamer.

+ You might not be a live-streamer, but you’re handing over plenty of your privacy to the Internet (whether you know it or not). Mozilla’s excellent IRL Podcast covers that topic in their season premiere: The Grand Bargain. I co-hosted the episode, and managed to make my most honest statement ever: “Taking a concern that somebody has and making them feel even worse is sort of my brand.”

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