Migrate Expectations

You’re probably familiar with roadtrips in America. But roadtrips to America are an entirely different matter. The NYT’s Nicholas Kulish take you along a route of bribes, shakedowns, hideouts, hunger and violence. This is What It Costs to Be Smuggled
Across the US Border

+ “My life has not been an easy one. But nothing was as hard as this.” The Marshall Project and Politico: A Father and Child Disunion: One migrant’s encounter with zero tolerance.

+ “They said separating a parent from a child was cruel and un-American. They said the United States was in the midst of a singular humanitarian crisis. They said these were the actions of a country they no longer recognized. But, to Alex, the act of family separation seemed quintessentially American. It was the cornerstone of his American experience.” WaPo: After a raid, immigrant families are separated in the American heartland.

+ Over the weekend, there were massive protests and marches across America. From InFocus: Photos From the Nationwide “Families Belong Together” Marches.

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