“No matter what else happens in the Trump presidency, the retirement of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the Supreme Court’s swing voter, set up Mr. Trump to cement a lasting legacy. Given a second Supreme Court vacancy to fill, he appears likely to go down in American history as an unusually influential president.” Charlie Savage: Trump Gets Chance to Influence American Life for Generations Through Supreme Court Pick.

+ “For decades, Justice Kennedy has been seen by supporters and opponents of abortion rights as a crucial swing vote, the deciding force on a profoundly polarized court who weighed in at key moments to preserve the core of Roe.” The remade Supreme Court will decide a lot of issues in coming decades. But for now, the fight over the pick will be all about abortion rights. NYT: Departure of Kennedy, ‘Firewall for Abortion Rights,’ Could End Roe v. Wade.

+ Two names you’ll be hearing nonstop as the battle in DC continues: Collins and Murkowski.

+ “Many of us predicted that Kennedy would not allow Trump to replace him with someone who would dismantle his legacy. We were wrong.” Dahlia Lithwick: Why Anthony Kennedy Gave Up.

+ Vox: A guide to the 9 likeliest picks to replace Anthony Kennedy.

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